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AK AKS-74N AEG Sports Line by S&T 
AK AKS-74N AEG Sports Line by S&T
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The Sports Line series stands out as the most budget-friendly
replica collection currently offered in the AK models by the
S&T brand, catering to both novice and seasoned players alike.
A notable inclusion in this series is the AKS-74N airsoft rifle,
crafted by S&T Armament.
This replica faithfully mirrors the modernized AK-74 design,
featuring a polymer body consistent with AK production from
other renowned brands.
Enhancing its performance, the rifle is equipped with a 3rd
generation gearbox that boasts a quick spring change system,
offering versatility and convenience for users.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player,
the Sports Line series, particularly the AKS-74N from S&T,
provides a cost-effective and realistic option for airsoft enthusiasts.
Nylon-reinforced construction and Steel Elements.
The Airsoft AKS-74N, part of the S&T Armament's lineup, boasts a
construction adhering to the robust VFC standard, ensuring
durability and precision in design. 
A hallmark of all S&T Armament products.

The main materials used in crafting this airsoft carbine are nylon
fiber-reinforced polymer and steel.

Notably, steel components such as the folding stock, trigger guard,
magazine catch, chamber top cover, fire selector, and cleaning
rod contribute to the rifle's sturdiness.
Additionally, key parts like the barrel, charging handle, and gas
tube with rear sight bloc are crafted from high-quality metal.
The combination of steel and metal elements ensures the
longevity and authenticity of the replica.
Despite its robust construction, the body and handguard are
designed using durable polymer, striking a balance between
strength and weight.

The result is a sturdy yet lightweight carbine, weighing in at
a minimal 2kg.
Moreover, the AKS-74N replica features practical elements
such as steel attachment points for a tactical sling
and a
side-mounted "dovetail" type mount on the left side of the
replica body.
V3 Reinforced Gearbox.
The STAEG111SFW model is outfitted with a robust reinforced
V3 gearbox,
featuring a convenient quick spring change system.
S&T prioritizes the quality of components in its construction,
incorporating reinforced 18:1 steel gears set on 8mm
slide bearings.
The compression system is driven by a piston set with a full
metal jaw, a cylinder, and a flat piston and cylinder head.
To enhance performance, the airsoft rifle is equipped with a
TM-compatible hop-up chamber that collaborates seamlessly
with a 460 x 6.02mm inner barrel, ensuring precision and
accuracy with each shot.
This meticulous attention to gearbox and internal components
reflects S&T's commitment to delivering a high-quality and
reliable airsoft experience for users of the STAEG111SFW model.
400bb Hi-Cap "Brick" magazine.
Lenght: 940mm.
Weight: 2300gr.
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