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M4 - AR15 .300BLK NOVESKE GBBR 10.5 GEN III SHORTY Airsoft Replica Tan by EMG - Cyma 
M4 - AR15 .300BLK NOVESKE GBBR 10.5 GEN III SHORTY Airsoft Replica Tan by EMG - Cyma
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Noveske is a renowned brand in the firearms industry known for its commitment to quality and precision.
They specialize in manufacturing complete rifles, parts, and accessories that meet the highest standards.
Their products have gained recognition for their exceptional performance and reliability.
In a testament to their excellence, Noveske rifles have recently been observed being utilized by elite forces
such as Navy SEALs DEVGRU and SWCC during their rigorous training exercises.
Pursuit of Quality
Cyma and EMG, in partnership with esteemed firearms brands, proudly introduce the fully licensed GGBr
airsoft rifle, the EMG Noveske Shorty model in Tan color.
With its origins rooted in the renowned CYMA CGS system, this gas replica represents a breakthrough in
reliability and performance, resulting from extensive development and rigorous testing. 
The Noveske Shorty, an AR-15/M4 rifle, has garnered significant attention in the airsoft industry due to its
association with elite forces of the United States Armed Forces.
Notably, these rifles have also been spotted on the battlefields during the Russo-Ukrainian War in recent years.
A emblematic GBBR construction
The meticulously crafted exterior of this airsoft rifle proudly showcases all the correct Noveske markings,
ensuring an authentic look and feel.
Additionally, the magazine bears the Lancer Systems branding and replicates the renowned Lancer Systems
L5 AWM magazine,
complete with "300 Blackout" markings.
With a compact barrel length of 10.5 inches, this rifle is purpose-built for close-quarters battle (CQB) scenarios, granting you superior maneuverability and responsiveness.
Its well-designed construction also includes M-Lock and Picatinny rails system, enabling you to easily attach
a wide array of accessories to suit your preferences and tactical needs.
Whether it's optics, grips, or other enhancements, the rifle provides you with versatile customization options.
Furthermore, the airsoft rifle incorporates QD (Quick Detach) points, allowing for convenient and swift
attachmentof slings.
This feature enhances your mobility on the field, enabling seamless transitions between various combat situations. Combining accurate Noveske markings, the reliable performance of the Lancer Systems L5 AWM magazine,
a compact barrel ideal for CQB, and versatile accessory options, this airsoft rifle delivers an exceptional
experience for both collectors and enthusiasts alike.
A reliable internal system CYMA CGS (CYMA Gas System)
The EMG Noveske N4 gas airsoft rifle incorporates the cutting-edge CYMA CGS system, developed in
collaboration with T8 (SP System).
This innovative gas system draws inspiration from the renowned TM MWS M4/AR-15 series of gas airsoft
rifles and introduces an adjustable trigger pull for enhanced adjustment.
Expect exceptional performance from this rifle, supported by a wide array of aftermarket upgrades and options.
To increase the durability and strength of this rifle, Cyma has incorporated steel parts such as the bolt carrier, complete trigger assembly, hammer, bolt catch, magazine release, muzzle device, buffer tube nut, rear plate, bolt stop, ejection port cover with latch, and trigger group retaining pin.
The CGS (CYMA Gas System) Series represents a breakthrough design, featuring the latest advancements
in gas blowback rifles.
Fully cross-compatible with most standard TM MWS-spec parts, it serves as an excellent base gun that can be effortlessly upgraded and modified.
Offering superior reliability and efficiency compared to alternative systems, the CGS system provides a reliable platform that is ready to use straight out of the box.
Inner barrel: 6.04 x 265mm.
The set includes
Folding sights.
30rd magazine LC-MG-0001 
Lenght: 720mm.
Weight: 2700gr.
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