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Archwick B&T Officially Licensed Universal Polymer USW-G Kit for G17 Type GBB Pistol Airsoft Series 
Archwick B&T Officially Licensed Universal Polymer USW-G Kit for G17 Type GBB Pistol Airsoft Series
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The B & T AIR by ARCHWICK Polymer USW G-17 Conversion Kit is the ultimate add on for your mid or full
sized GLOCK replica airsoft pistol. 
It offers the operator the choice of using the pistol in the traditional way, as well as a converted  carbine. 
The transition takes less than a second, and makes the weapon system more controllable and accurate. 
With its elaborate design, the chassis can be used with an optic and a weapon light to further increase its effectiveness. 
The B & T Air by ARCHWICK Polymer USW G-17 Airsoft Carbine Conversion Kit fits most mid and full sized
Airsoft Glock Pistols with a standard railed frame.
When designing the USW for airsoft use, we had to overcome a few issues. 
On a real GLOCK pistol, there's a removable back plate, B & T's design replaces that backplate with a new one with an integrated charging handle retainer. 
An Airsof replica does not have a removable plate, so we had to find another place to mount the charging handle.  We came up with a solution that replaces the rear sight instead. 
Real Steel Glock Lower Frames are standardized, meaning every GLOCK lower frame has the same rail profile. 
B & T uses a CNC machined rail adaptor that mounts onto the lower rail. 
On Airsoft Replicas, different brands would make their rails differently. 
Tokyo Marui, VFC, KSC, etc, all have slightly different profiles. 
On our earlier runs, we made CNC rail adaptors to fit the various profiles. 
On later runs, we came up with a polymer rail adaptor that fits all the different lower grip profiles.  
The rest of it is as B & T intended, quality with tight tolerances, and impeccable engineering all around.
By integrating your pistol into the USW kit, you have instant performance gains with little to no sacrifice in
weight or manuverability. 
With the added ability to shoulder the weapon and the use of optics, your accuracy and hit probability
increases dramatically.  
Addiontally, you can also add a suppressor / threaded outer barrel combo, and install a longer inner barrel for increased for even more range and accuracy. 
Personalize the kit to your performance needs and playing style as needed, the possibilities are endless! 
And for you Speed QD aficionados out there, you can turn your GBB Pistol into a lightweight SMG powerhouse
with the addition of an HPA system and drum magazine.  
Compared to a off the shelf GBB SMG, the USW package can be up to 50% lighter, and will allow you to use
your existing pistol magazines, which are always cheaper than SMG mags.
Fully Licensed by B & T AG.
Glass Fiber infused polymer construction.
Accepts Aimpoint ACRO RDS.
Polymer 1913std accessory rail.
Quick deploying spring loaded side folding stock.
Steel Rear Sight with integrated charging handle adaptor.
CNC Steel Folding Charing handle (can be mounted on either side of the receiver)
Rear sling loop.
Can be used with most Glock 17, 18, 19, Gen 3-5 Airsoft replicas like ELITE Force, VFC, WE, KWA, TM, etc.
Can NOT be used with Polymer 80 Type lowers with 1913 Std. railed frames.
Fits Glock 17, 19 and 23.  (Gen 3-5)  from most Airsoft Manufacturers                                   
Length:  270mm stock folded;  520mm stock extended
Width:  61mm 
Height:  70mm
Weight:  340g (kit only), 1.1kg with VFC G17 Gen 4 Installed.
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Please note: 
ACRO mini Dot in photo is for example and obviously NOT included.

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