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AK Blaster Tracer Unit by AceTech 
AK Blaster Tracer Unit by AceTech
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The popular AceTech Blaster tracer unit in a great new design of the classic AK flash hider.
Just like its older brother, the Blaster AK offers illumination and imitation flame discharge with an LED module
in a durable aluminum body! 
The most interesting feature of the Blaster AK is its flame shot simulation.
At the end of the tracer unit, three LED diodes are placed, which illuminate the shot BB and surrounding gas
during firing.
This effect is most noticeable when used with gas-powered weapons, where remnants of gas are illuminated
after the shot.
Even when used with electric guns, this effect is visible, albeit to a lesser extent.
Blaster is designed for tracer bbs (Tracer).
With each shot, the unit's sensors identify the flying BB and briefly illuminate it with a flash, making it
"glow" and visible in the dark throughout its flight.
This effect provides a spectacular display and helps teammates determine the opponent's position.
The shot is a tracer.
The unit has an IP64 rating, dust and dripping water protection, making it ideal for outdoor use.
The Blaster AK conserves battery power by automatically entering sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.
It can be awakened by shaking the unit.
The power on/off button can also manually turn it off completely.
The unit's status, on/battery voltage/auto-test result, is indicated by a sound signal and colorful LED blinking.
The tracer module is firmly placed in an aluminum housing of the unit with a matte anodized surface.
It is powered by an internal Li-Ion battery.
To charge the battery, unscrew the end of the unit and connect a USB C cable, not included.
There is also a power button under the end cap.

The Blaster can be used in 4 modes:
Flame shot with flame simulation (up to 12,000 shots per charge)
Only flame simulation (up to 12,000 shots per charge)
Only tracer (up to 24,000 shots per charge)
Sniper tracer mode.
Fully charged battery Li-Ion lights up up to 24,000 bbs intracer or flame simulation mode.
Battery charging time is 2.5 hours.
Designed for green tracer bbs.
Automatic sleep function after 5 minutes of inactivity, can be awakened by shaking the unit.
Battery status indicator with LED, green/orange/red.
Left-handed thread M14
Technical specifications:
USB-C port.
Unit diameter: 32.4 mm
Length: 97.5mm.
Weight: 75gr.
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