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Browning HP High Power M1935 Full Metal Chrome-Silver with Stock Version by WE 
Browning HP High Power M1935 Full Metal Chrome-Silver with Stock Version by WE
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Scale: 1/1 perfect replica.
True-to-scale full metal replica of the M1935 Hi-Power pistol as
used by the Allies and Axis powers in World War II.
The Hi-Power 9mm pistol has been manufactured in continually
improved versions since 1935 and has been used in over 50 countries. 
This Wei-ETech airsoft replica comes in a full metal construction
and is also equipped with a very nice reproduction of the case.
The special feature is that the case can also be used as a stop shaft thanks to a quick-release fastener.
Thanks to the very detailed and true-to-scale reproduction, this model is particularly interesting for collectors.
This version also comes with a perfectly refined surface in the
"Chrome Silver" finish, which is convincing across the board.
Rarely seen such a beautiful chrome finish as from Wei-ETech.
This Wei-ETech replica can hardly be distinguished visually from
the original.
So all the details are in their place, as is the rear steel visor, which can be adjusted from 50 - 500 meters.
The security system was also completely taken over from the original.
This means that the trigger can only be pulled when the magazine is inserted.
The fuse can only be inserted when cocked.
As with the original pistol, the firing function of the Wei-ETech is a replica.
First insert a loaded magazine, then pull the slide backwards.
Now the pistol is ready to fire.
When the trigger is pulled, thanks to the gas blow-back firing
system, the metal slide is moved back and forward again per shot,
just like a real pistol.
This creates a true-to-original shooting feeling, as there is also a metallic sound when shooting.
Once the magazine is empty, the slide stops at the back like a real pistol.
After inserting a new or loaded magazine, the slide catch must also be pressed in order to continue shooting.
This very well-made GBB, Gas Blow Back model has a high shooting efficiency and a built-in  hop-up system.
Up to 20bb can be loaded into the removable magazine.
The magazine also serves as a gas tank for the airsoft gas.
A special highlight of the Wei-ETech airsoft replica is the included reproduction of the case.
Made of composite plastic, it is very well colored like the handle scales and has a very beautiful wooden design.
In addition to its function as a conventional case, the "case", like
original, can also be used as a stop shaft as to be seen in photo.
The shaft can be attached or removed within a few seconds using a quick-release fastener.
20bb gas magazine.
Lenght: 195 > 610mm.
Weight: 810 > 1222gr.
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