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Colt XM148 "The Bitch" Grenade Launcher by VFC - Cybergun 
Colt XM148 "The Bitch" Grenade Launcher by VFC - Cybergun
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"The Bitch" of Vietnam War.
Cybergun Full License Authorized Production.
The XM148 was an experimental 40mm. grenade laucuncher 
designed & produced by Colt during the Vietnam war.
It has been tested in combat and mainly laucnhes 40 x 60mm.
caliber grenades.
Designed to be mounted on the M16 Rifle purposed to 
replace the as much famous M79 grenade launcher.
XM148 was originally used on the M16 series rifles, and was later used by the US Navy's SEALs (under the XM177E2). It has a quadrant sight, but it is so delicate that it requires proper maintenance or it can be easily damaged.
It uses an externally designed trigger and trigger handle, with the exposed trigger handle on the right side,
allowing the shooter to directly pull the trigger with the right index finger.
At the same time this design also has the problem that it is easy to pull and shoot by mistake, and the trigger
is also easy to be pulled off.
In addition, the long trigger stroke makes it not suitable for use in the jungle of Vietnam.
This design is too complicated to be easy to use in the wild.
The shortcomings of maintenance eventually caused it to be replaced by the M203, with a similar conceptual design.
Even with these many problems, the innovative under-hanging design, the short test time, and the production quantity being very scarce.

XM148 became a dreamy product in the hearts of Vietnam War aficionados in later generations… and made it
one of the indelible icons of the Vietnam War.

Compatible with XM177E2 & M16A1 Series Rifles.
The XM148 was originally designed for the M16 series rifles.
And to stay true to history, VFC added a period correct handguard for the M16 with the XM148.
Until now, no one has released this type of handguard in an airsoft version before, so as a study of
the Vietnam War…
In addition to matching the M16 series rifles, it can also work with the XM177E2 by VFC, so that everyone can gradually complete the Vietnam War collection.
Inner barrel: 140mm.
Lenght: 430mm.
Weight: 1250gr.
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