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DBAL Laser Designator Illuminator GP-LSP003 by G&P

DBAL Laser Designator Illuminator GP-LSP003 by G&P
139,00 €


"In terms of output modes, it supports low power constant on,
high power constant on, low power on/off and high power on/off.
The device has an integrated push switch on its top side and
comes with a removable cable switch as well. As it happens,
this tiny little module is the smallest PEQ device we have seen
so far in Airsoft and comes in at a diminutive 220g and attaches
via a quick-detach throw-lever for standard 20mm accessory
rail attachment.
This particular laser designator does not have the IR function.
If you do prefer it with the IR function, check out the
G&P PEQ-15 with the codes GP959-WAR and GP959S-WAR
for the tan version!
A) Output & mode switch:
1. ON LO PWR-->Low power constant on
2. MOM LO PWR-->Low power (Below 1 sec.)
3. OFF-->Off
4. MOM HI PWR-->Hi power (Below 1 sec.)
5. ON HI PWR-->Hi power constant on
B) Function switch:
1. VIS POINT-->Visible pointer only
2. VIS ILLUM-->Visible red illuminator only
3. VIS POINT & ILLUM-->Visible red pointer and illumator
4. VIS POINT-->Visible red pointer only
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