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Delta Armory M4 - AR15 SilentOps 7inch Charlie Eagle ETU Eagle Series AEG by Delta Armory 
Delta Armory M4 - AR15 SilentOps 7inch Charlie Eagle ETU Eagle Series AEG by Delta Armory
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The Eagle series is the latest addition to the range from the renowned Delta Armory brand.
The Eagle series responds to the growing demand for electronic triggers directly in guns, which are slowly r
eplacing the traditional mechanical trigger contacts.
The Eagle Series introduces a new ETU opto-magnetic processor unit that ensures fast trigger response
while making the gun ready for use with 11.1 LiPo batteries.
The battery is inserted into the stock tube.
Of course there is a Deans-T connector that replaced the classic Tamiya connector.
As has become customary, Delta Armory delivers products that have an excellent price-quality ratio, and with
the Eagle series this has been proven once again.
With the features of top processors such as the Gate Asther right in the gun at this price, we rate the Eagle
processor very positively.
At the same time, the Eagle series provides not only trigger sensitivity adjustment via the processor unit but
also trigger travel length via an adjustable screw located directly in the trigger guard.
The ETU monitors the battery health in case of undercharging or overcharging it can shut down to protect the
battery, it will alert you to this fact with an audible signal.
At the same time, the processor also has an Active Brake feature.

Eagle ETU processor has the following options:
SEMI only on Auto mode.
Burst 3 shots.
Burst 5 shots.
Binary trigger.
AUG mode.
Sniper mode.
Trigger sensitivity with different levels.
Pre-cocking mode with different degrees.
Active brake can be switched on and off.
Also new to the Eagle series is the new Delta Stock v.2, which has a modern design and rubberized buttstock
for more comfortable aiming.
At the same time, the Eagle series also includes a new pistol grip v.2, which has a better design but also a
more sophisticated system of adjusting the motor pressure than the first version.
The AR15 SilentOps 7" Charlie is made of durable ABS Polymer, which has much better properties than
traditional plastic.
At the same time, the sling eye, trigger are made of metal.
The internal parts of the gun are standard as in the classic DA series - SHS piston with full metal gearing,
SHS piston wheel handle, rotary hop-up chamber and 6.03mm precision barrel.
The advantage of this gun is the quick change QRS Gen. 2 spring - change the spring without disassembling
the gun and quickly change the QRS motor. Of course the internal parts are - metallic plain 7mm bearings,
durable metal wheels and SHS feeder lever. 
The package includes the gun and a pusher mid-cap DMAG 120bb magazine.
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