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Galil AR Icar Type TOD AR Automatic Rifle by ICS 
Galil AR Icar Type TOD AR Automatic Rifle by ICS
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ICS "Galil series" replicas, offered as AEGs, inspired by the iconic rifle crafted by a renowned Israeli
firearms manufacturer.
This classic firearm seamlessly blends the ruggedness and ergonomic features of the AK-74 series with
the precision of the M16 rifle.
The TOD rifle, adopted as the standard issue service weapon by the Israel Defense Forces, achieved global
acclaim due to its exceptional durability and accuracy, a reputation solidified during the events of the
Lebanon War in 1982.
AR Version
The Israeli Weapons Factory expanded the Galil series to encompass various models, including the Galil AR,
an Automatic Rifle.
ICS offers enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire the AR version, designed to faithfully replicate the original model. ICS places a strong emphasis on crafting highly detailed replicas using top-quality materials.
As a result, numerous components, including the gas block, top cover, fire selector, transport handle, trigger
guard assembly, trigger, rear sight, front sight, folding stock mechanism, charging handle, and magazine,
incorporate dewax casting.
This technique lends the surface a rugged appearance, evoking the sense of a weapon well-equipped to
withstand the hard conditions of combat.
To enhance the replica's authenticity, a genuine wooden handguard has been added, complete with
ngraved markings in Hebrew, just like those found on the original firearm.
The ICS AR is designed to strike the perfect balance between user-friendliness and ergonomic considerations.
This outstanding airsoft rifle boasts a polymer handguard that adds to its versatility and functionality.
The fire selector levers, including the primary lever on the right side of the receiver and the secondary lever conveniently located near the pistol grip on the left, replicate the operation of a real firearm.
This well-thought-out design ensures that you can smoothly switch between fire modes without compromising y
our shooting stance.
Additionally, the aluminum folding stock allows you to significantly reduce the overall length of the rifle.
This feature makes it the top choice for scenarios where space is at a premium, whether you're in a vehicle
or engaged in close-quarters combat situations.
Top V3 Mecanism
Within this replica, ICS has seamlessly incorporated a V3 Gearbox designed to TM standards, providing
access to a wide array of tuning parts available in the market.
Inside the ICS gearbox, you'll discover a rugged 18:1 stainless steel gear set and 7mm bushings, ensuring
top-notch performance and exceptional durability.
The inclusion of a standard cylinder, cylinder head, reinforced piston, 8-hole ventilation piston head, and
bevel gear further elevates the rifle's operational smoothness, reliability, and ease of maintenance.
These features collectively guarantee consistent performance and long-lasting peak condition for your airsoft rifle.
For added convenience, a simple pull of the charging handle reveals the hop-up adjustment, allowing you t
o make precise settings to match the weight of the bb you're using.
The package, includes:
ICS TOD AR Galil replica
2 x 400bb  Hi-Cap Magazines.
One ore more additional magazines are to be seen and bought apart with code: MG-23-GWR/
Inner barrel: 6,06 x 515mm.
Lenght: 980mm.
Weight: 3225gr.
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