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Gate Titan II Bluetooth Pulsar S System Expert V2 Rear Cabling Cavetteria Posteriore by Gate 
Gate Titan II Bluetooth Pulsar S System Expert V2 Rear Cabling Cavetteria Posteriore by Gate
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GATE is  moving to the next level by offering their new ETU TITAN II associated with the new HPA PULSAR
rear wiring system for a very noticeable first step in this field.
Updated version V2
GATE reliability
Complete HPA system.
TITAN II Bluetooth® provided.
Bluetooth 5.2
Mosfet with optical sensors.
Compatible with GCS GATE app on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS
Fire modes adjustable via app: Binary / Burst mode, etc.
Adjustable trigger on 50 sensitivity levels.
Live firmware update via the application.
Stabilized nozzle to ensure consistent FPS.
Multifunction port allowing connection to accessories such as Bolt-Catch button, Magazine sensor, chamber
Hop-up with tracing unit etc.
Simplified maintenance.
T-Dean connectors
6mm hose (connector not supplied) 
Adjustable ROF: 1 to 100 RPS
Velocity: 200 – 550 FPS
Operation mode – OPEN BOLT
Pressure range – 60 to 140 PSI
The best price-performance ratio - highest technologies at reasonable price
TITAN II Bluetooth® - the first Bluetooth optical ETU in HPA replica
Mind-blowing optical trigger sensor allows you for setting hair trigger with ludicrous precision:
even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement.
Bluetooth 5.2 - connection with other devices from GATE Ecosystem, eg. STATUS, smartwatch
for the first time in HPA replicas configurable fire modes such as binary trigger, burst, etc
User-friendly GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS
Constant online access to firmware updating.
Adjustable ROF (1 to 100 RPS)
Additionally stabilized nozzle ensures FPS consistency and eliminates Mid-cap syndrome.
Multifunctional port ready to connect accessories such as Bolt-catch button, magazine sensor, Hop-up chamber tracer, electric magazine power supply or a flashlight.
Simple maintenance thanks to a well-thought-of build.
Please note that in the case of dual solenoid engines, it is not possible to connect any extra devices requiring
a power supply.
The purple nozzle of the HPA PULSAR S engine does not require the use of a stabilizing sleeve in the
hop-up chamber.
The use of a stabilizing sleeve with the purple nozzle may negatively affect engine performance.
The golden nozzle of the HPA PULSAR S engine may require additional stabilization. In this case, it is
recommended to use a stabilizing sleeve in the hop-up chamber.
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