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Mateba "Ghost In The Shell" M2700 Revolver X-Cartridge Series Black Heavy Weight Abs Wood Type Grip Gas Power by Marushin 
Mateba "Ghost In The Shell" M2700 Revolver X-Cartridge Series Black Heavy Weight Abs Wood Type Grip Gas Power by Marushin
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Gas Injected 6mm BB Raging Bull Airsoft Revolver
Authentic look & finishing by Marushin, Japan
This M2007 Series is shown on animation, 
"GHOST IN THE SHELL", which is used by character Togusa.
Heavy Weight Black Color with Polymer Wood Texture Grip.
Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber stores 1x6mm BB each.
6 Rounds Cartridge Loading Capacity.
X-Cartridge is built from heavy weight & shaped by real
type cartridge.
Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode. 
Single/Double Action Trigger Design.
Asjustable Hop-Up system.
Excellent craftsmanship from Marushin, made in Japan.
Mateba, officially MA.TE.BA.
Macchine Termo Balistiche Pavia.
It was an Italian firm manufacturing the only automatic
revolver in modern production.
The Model 6 Unica, designed by Emilio Ghisoni. has now gone 
out of business. Other than the Webley-Fosbery, this is one of 
the few existing models of semi-automatic revolver. 
Also notable is the positioning of the barrel, with the gun firing
from the bottom chamber of the cylinder rather than the top, 
as is almost universally the case in other revolvers, aligning 
the recoil more directly with the hands of the shooter and 
somewhat eliminating muzzle flip. The hexagonal cylinder 
cross-section and lack of top strap are also unusual features
in modern firearms. On firing, the barrel, cylinder and upper
frame recoil 1/2 of an inch, or 12.7mm, on the lower frame, 
which houses the grip and trigger, and cocks the hammer 
and rotates the cylinder.
The Marushin Mateba is exactly like the real steel version 
when it comes to the way it functions. As peculiar as it is, it 
proves very useful. One thing you'll have to get used to is the 
sight alignment as the bore is along the lower frame. Unlike
most Marushin revolvers, this one has a hop up adjustment 
point which is easy accessible. You'll find it on the upper part
of the frame, half way down the gun. All you need to do is a 
use a hex key to adjust it. The strange looking Mateba can 
be found in a anime series called Ghost In Shell. It's one of 
those pistols that looks unique and different from the others 
which is why it is so well known, making it a perfect anime 
prop gun! To all the cosplayers that love the Ghost In Shell 
series, you will absolutely LOVE the Marushin Mateba revolver. 
The Mateba is a very solid revolver made of a heavyweight 
plastic giving it a bit of heft.
More infos:
Lunghezza: 260mm.
Peso: 920gr.
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