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VFC HK Heckler & Koch M110A1 DMR Sniper Mosfet AEG Ral 8000 Green Brown by  VFC - Umarex 
VFC HK Heckler & Koch M110A1 DMR Sniper Mosfet AEG Ral 8000 Green Brown by VFC - Umarex
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Officially licensed Heckler & Koch M110 A1 is the ideal AEG sniper rifle for airsoft gamers and collectors.
Inspired by the US military service rifle, it features high quality all-metal construction
For this, the HK M110 A1 relies on selected materials, first-class workmanship and reliable technology. 
The HK M110 A1 is the American Heckler and Koch development of the HK417
produced by VFC as an extremely realistic S-AEG DMR Airsoft replica.
The workmanship and the material used are impressive.
Steel, CNC machined aircraft aluminum and a reinforced polymer is used for the pistol grip and shaft,
with a first-class feel.
Everything is processed very cleanly.
For example, the two parts of the main body have no play and fit together perfectly.
The long front part is fixed, bolt-straight and squeak-free.
All markings such as serial number, HK logos, M-LOK, caliber indication, etc. are like the real markings.
The weapon law markings are placed very discreetly next to the trigger.
The current H&K green brown color is based on the widely used RAL8000.
The surface is matt powder-coated to provide good protection against corrosion and external influences.
The flash hider made of steel sits on a standard 14 mm left-hand thread (CCW) and can be exchanged for tracers
or dummy silencers.
This is also particularly logical with this M110A1 rifle, since the original provides the basis for various models
and applications.
As an SDMR version, at least one rifle scope is included as an extra.
A 45° mounted flip-up rear sight and front sight are part of the base and serve as sights at short distances.
The rear sight has two reticles and can be adjusted sideways.
The front sight can be adjusted in height.
The most important controls are located on both sides.
So even left-handed people can handle the rifle well.
There are multiple quick release holes on the M110 Airsoft for carrying straps. We have tested a few and they fit and make a stable impression, but with a fighting weight of 3.7 kg we cannot really recommend them.
Appears too great and the risk that such a plug-in connection will be stressed too much by fast running or jumping and the sling or assembly will not hold.
The handguard is equipped with many M-LOK mounting holes to which appropriate accessories can be attached.
The shaft can be adjusted in 5 positions.
The LiPo battery also goes into the shaft.
A two-part twin-type battery with 11.1 volts would be best used here.

The battery cells must not be longer than 14 cm.
Inserting the battery is also easy.
The butt plate is released with a safety device from above.
Then turn the cap 90° and remove it.
Below are the two chambers for the two-part battery.
Protected, in the middle, is the cable connection with a mini-Tamiya connector.
A little more about the technique.
The hop-up is like a G&G Rotary hop-up in one piece.
The player adjusts a wide, easily adjustable wheel with a direction indicator for more or less hop-up.
Every small change is confirmed with a noticeable rest point.
To get to the hop-up, you have to pull the T-lever on the top all the way back and on the right side the lock opens
and is automatically held.
Below that is the hop-up.
When you are finished with the setting, you press the bolt catch lever on the left or right side and the window
snaps shut again.
The Gearbox is the latest that VFC has to offer.
The GATE ASTER electronic trigger system (MOSFET) is a matter of course for a top model like the M110 A1
these days.
Nice that VFC uses a proven branded product directly and incorporated it directly into the development of the
VFC Next Generation V2.1 Gearbox.
Thanks to the electronics, some wear-prone metal parts are superfluous and the overall shooting behavior
is significantly improved.
So you have almost a pressure point and the shot breaks at the same trigger position every time.
This significantly increases the accuracy of the shooter.
The sensors are equipped with light contacts and precisely detect the trigger travel.
Theoretically, up to 250 fine adjustments are possible.
The "intelligent" ASTER fuse protects the battery and the motor and automatically detects incorrect polarity, for example, and in such a case no current can flow through.
Excessively high voltages are also simply cushioned without the shooter noticing anything.
In addition, so-called gear jams hardly ever happen anymore.
The built-in Aster V2 MOSFET is the successor of the widespread Titan V2 MOSFET in the fourth generation.
Unfortunately, Umarex is silent about the programming options offered by the built-in MOSFET.
Nothing happens with the usual Aster grips, such as setting to semi and holding the trigger for 7 seconds.
In addition to all the improvements, there is a built-in precision tuning barrel with a diameter of only 6.03 mm for a consistently high shot energy.
The very strong tuning spring is installed in a metal spring guide with ball bearings.
Changing the spring is easy with this airsoft gun.
In order to be able to wind up this spring reliably and very quickly, a high-torque motor is installed.
To play, you also need an 11.1V LiPo battery with a suitable charger, heavy BBs with a speed loader and, ideally,
a telescopic sight.
An M-LOK front grip makes handling much easier, which is a good idea at just under 3.7 kg.

A list of the manufacturer VFC for some highlights:
First of all, obviously as in reality, the full auto function is NOT active.
Quick Release Gear box for individual Spring Change, no need to dismantling anymore!
8mm Ultra High Speed ​​Ball Bearing.
Special material 7 teeth reinforced piston.
Highly Tenacity Tappet Plate.
Heat Resistant Switch Mount.
Build in GATE ASTER Electric Trigger System.
Steel Custom Manufacturing High Speed ​​Gear.
CNC Machined Aerodynamics Muzzle.
Steel Quickly disassemble Spring Guide.
Rear sight and front sight: 45° CQB version.
100bb 7.62 type Mid Cap Magazine.
Additional Magazine to be seen and bought apart
with code: 2.6237.1-SAWDE/P6
Barrel thread: 14 mm CCW (left-hand thread)
Inner precision barrel:  6.03 x 455mm.
Length: 940 > - 1011mm.
Weight: 3635gr.
Colour: RAL8000 also called GRN-BRN by Umarex
Per info e/o acquisto veloce senza account:
Please note that second magazine as from first photo,
is not included.

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