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HWASAN G2 Contender Co2 Farsan Thompson Co2 370mm. Break Top Pistol by by HWASAN 
HWASAN G2 Contender Co2 Farsan Thompson Co2 370mm. Break Top Pistol by by HWASAN
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True-to-scale single-loader with true-to-original and strong tilt-barreled case firing system!
Real Scale 1:1
System: Co2 Non Blow Back  - Single Shot.
With this model, Haw San is bringing what is probably the first full-scale airsoft replica of the world-famous
Contender pistol in the G2 variant onto the market.
This is a so-called single loader that is equipped with a tilting system.
The original Contender pistol was introduced to the public in 1967 and further developed into the Contender
G2 in 1998.
Our airsoft replica from Haw San is also based on this design.
Above all, the high flexibility in the choice of caliber, by simply changing the barrel and sights, as well as the
very precise precision, ensured the great success of the sharp Original Contender.
The pistol became very well known among so-called handgun hunters, who hunted exclusively with pistols
in the USA. Originally the pistol was only used with smaller calibers such as. B. .22 LR, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet,
.38 Special and .22 Remington Jet are offered.
When the pistol was also available in magnum caliber in the 1970s, the Contender quickly became popular
with all gun enthusiasts and sport shooters.
In our airsoft version, all parts are made entirely of metal.
Only the two fittings in the form of the handguard and the handle are made of composite plastic.
The two add-on parts are printed or coated in a wood look design, which creates an authentic impression.
The design of the main housing largely corresponds to the sharp model and is deeply embedded in the material. What is particularly interesting about this airsoft replica is the so-called tilting barrel system with a foldable barrel.
The functionality is the same as the original and pulls the inserted cartridge out of the cartridge chamber even
when it is folded down.
This makes the reloading process much easier, as the cartridge can be removed very easily.
The existing shooting performance also fits perfectly with a single-shot pistol. In our own tests, under perfect conditions, we were able to get up to 2.4 joules out of the Contender - making it the ideal pistol for
target shooting!
Loading and firing the pistol couldn't be more authentic: the scope of delivery includes 2 aluminum sleeves, each
of which has a 6 mm BB inserted.
A loaded case is then simply pushed into the folded-down cartridge chamber like a “real” cartridge.
Then simply lock the folded-down barrel upwards again - done.
Now just cock the hammer and the pistol is ready to fire.
The sleeves can of course be used again and again.
Inserting the 12g Co2 capsule under the handle is quick and easy.
To do this, simply remove the black back of the handle and you can change the capsule.
The authentic reproduction of the Contender is a truly extraordinary airsoft weapon that is also very
interesting for collectors.
2 x Haw San Contender G2 aluminum replacement silver sleeve.
Barrel length: approx. 370mm.
Length: approx. 370mm.
Weight: approx. 1051gr.
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