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Lambda Defence MK48 MK3 Standard Machine Gun AEG by Lamda Defence 
Lambda Defence MK48 MK3 Standard Machine Gun AEG by Lamda Defence
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The Mk48 is a 7.62x51mm medium heavy machine gun designed and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in conjunction with the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Intended to replace the M60 series machine guns, forming a bridge between the 5.56x45mm M249/Mk46 light machine guns and the 7.62x51mm M240 series medium machine guns, they successfully entered service with special operations in the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom and continue to be used by units such as the US Navy Seals, 75th Ranger Regiment and Army Special Forces "Green Berets".
The LAMBDA Mk48 MK3 faithfully replicates the real machine gun to an incredible degree, starting with their determination to almost perfectly replicate the weight, size and feel of the weapon. The full steel construction makes it one of the toughest and strongest airsoft guns on the market. 
All external parts are steel except for the RIS fork and the upper hinged bolt cover, which are aluminum.
The steel treatment of the machine gun is the same as the real one, which is QPQ - Quench Polish Quench which increases the wear resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance of the steel. It's basically a newer high-tech version of blue steel with added benefits. You will still need to look after it as if it were a real Mk48 or you could see stains and rust spots if you don't clean it properly after use. If you have seen or own an HSS drill, this is the same type of finish.
What you get for your money is a ton of attention to detail & design.
The weapon itself is mainly steel, the real weight is 8.5kg in an unloaded state.
The gearbox battery is attached to the box magazine from the factory, but can be swapped out for the front heat shield if needed. The electronic 5000bb box magazine will hold most batteries with little Tamiya and will be activated pulling the trigger.

New hardened stainless steel gears set.
The mechabox is a version of the M249.
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