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M200 Type ST200 Full Metal Sniper Spring Bolt Action Rifle Tan Version with Hard Case by S&T 
M200 Type ST200 Full Metal Sniper Spring Bolt Action Rifle Tan Version with Hard Case by S&T
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The ST 200 was purposefully crafted to be an unparalleled force on the battlefield, excelling at extended
ranges due to a new caliber .408.
Its design revolves around empowering modern warfighters with the capability to unleash devastatingly
accurate firepower over long distances.
The ST 200's exceptional performance has catapulted it to the heights of popularity, in Special Operation
forces like the British SAS and Polish GROM but it has a prominent presence in various forms of media.
Seen in movies like Shooter, Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance, Zero Tolerance, and video game appearances
like Call of Duty.
Design close to the original:
S&T is a passionate collective of Airsoft enthusiasts dedicated to manufacturing top-tier rifles and components in line with the latest trends in the Airsoft industry.
That is why they offer to the Airsoft market this ST-SPG-10BR Airsoft bolt action sniper.
S&T gives a very big importance to be close as possible to the original rifle, by weigth dimension and functionality.
Solid construction:
This massive ST200 airsoft rifle in Tan mat color, requires a robust construction, which is why it is primarily
made from aluminum, including steel components like the charging handle, magazine, and sling attachments.

On the upper part of the receiver, there is a unique serial number and a 22mm Picatinny rail, allowing the
installation of various optics.
The same type of rail is also present on the top of the handguard.
For added stability, the ST 200 sniper rifle is equipped with a bipod with 6 adjustable height positions.
Additionally, it features a 6-position ergonomic stock with a rubber shoulder pad and a monopod for increased stability during shooting.
All of these features are complemented by a PGRS-1-type muzzle brake. 
The airsoft rifle also comes with a practical transport handle with a rubber finish, which proves very convenient when transporting this imposing airsoft rifle.
Reinforced internals:
Inside the rifle, we can find a 90° trigger box with reinforced copper cylinder covered with a gray patina.
The hop-up rubber unit, inner barrel, and spring are all AEG standard, providing a wide range of possibilities
for installing various buckings or barrels up to a length of 600mm.
60bb steel magazine.
Inner barrel: 6,04 x 600mm.
Lenght: 1410mm.
Weight: 7015gr. without hard case.
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