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FN M249 Minimi Paratrooper  AEG Cybergun - A&K 
FN M249 Minimi Paratrooper AEG Cybergun - A&K
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Official Belgian FN Herstal marking under Cybergun license. 
Unique seriel progressive number.
Originally designed as an individually portable machine gun,
the M249 PARA is engineered to deliver a substantial volume
of effective fire, making it an ideal companion for Paratrooper
and infantry squad operations.
With a storied history, this iconic firearm has played a pivotal
role in various conflicts, including the Invasion of Panama,
the Bosnian War, the Afghan War, the Iraq War, and more,
attesting to its reliability and battlefield prowess.

A&K create this replica with unparalleled precision and
attention to detail.
Thanks to Cyberguns partnership, it was possible to accurately
replicate FN Herstal engravings, placing them in the appropriate
locations, on the lower part of the body and on the external barrel,
the description on the barrel includes caliber markings and
thread pitch, in accordance with the original.
The trigger assembly has been designed to match the original one and specially modified to ensure the shortest trigger pull, allowing for rapid responses and precise shot control.
Additionally, the barrel mounting system has been carefully
analyzed and adjusted, eliminating any issues related to fitting
the barrel into the rifle.
Iconic design
This electric replica of the FN M249 Para machine gun has been
solidly constructed with a combination of metal, steel, and
durable polymer material.

The body, charging handle guide, ammunition belt feeder, box
latch, barrel release, transport handle, bipod, trigger guard
and all screws and pins have been crafted from steel.

The top cover, barrel, stock, bipod assembly, gas block, and muzzle
brake are made of high-quality metal, while the pistol grip, barrel
shroud, front grip, and trigger block are made from synthetic material.
The gun features a 22mm RIS top rail that allows for the
attachment of additional optical sights, an other interesting thing
like on the original one, the slots of the top cover got a presence
of engraved numbers.

The M249 Para is equipped with an adjustable sight both
vertically and horizontally, along with a foldable bipod with
adjustable length.
Just like the original, the A&K M249 PARA offers the option to feed
the gun using two types of magazines  standard M4/M16-type
magazines and dedicated box magazines for M249 replicas.
The adjustable stock enables the comfortable operation of the
machine gun in confined spaces and facilitates easy transport
Reliable mechanics
The heart of the rifle is a fully metal-reinforced M249 gearbox,
allowing for sustained and continuous suppressive fire.

The gearbox is equipped with a quick spring change system,
providing the flexibility to easily swap out the spring.

Inside the gearbox we can find a complete 18 :1 reinforced
gear set, mounted on 8mm balls bearing, the compression
is assured by a flat CNC-machined aluminum piston and
cylinder head set, featuring a double-sealed cylinder head with
a thick sorbothane pad, and a piston head with ball bearings.
A&K takes special attention during the modification of the replica
including a modified microswitch which provides a full
faster trigger response.
But this is not the only modification an important aspect has
been focused on the new hop-up unit with the installation of a
new rubber and a special nub in omega standards which give
a bett
er range and accuracy.
Barrel thread: 14mm.
Inner barrel: 6,03 x 350mm.
Lenght: 902mm.

Weight: 6190gr.
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