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G&P M249 Minimi Ranger DX 2020 by G&P 
G&P M249 Minimi Ranger DX 2020 by G&P
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Ingranaggi d' acciaio di serie in gear box da 8mm.
cuscinettato. Compatibile con ricambi/custom per
Motorino M120 High Speed.
Rail superiore per alloggiamento sistemi
di puntamento.
Rail system e Ranger grip anteriore.
Calcio retrattile Parà.
Maniglia di trasporto in acciaio così come il bipede. 
Completa di caricatore 3000bb con vano per 
batteria e finta cartuccera 5,56.
Outer barrell a pezzo unico non "staccabile".
Inner barrel: 509mm.
Lunghezza: 910/1040mm.

Peso: 7600gr.
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The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon is the U.S. Military
designation for a sub-family of the FN Minimi squad automatic
weapon, the name Minimi is derived from the French word
Minimitailleuse, which simply means - mini machine gun.
They originate from Belgium, and both are manufactured by
Fabrique Nationale (FN) and it's subsidiaries.
FNH USA, is the American subsidiary which takes care of
production of this gun under it's M249 guise.
It is a well-proven gun, and popularized with it's adoption by
many countries, including the NATO members.
It came out tops in a competition set up by the U.S. Military in
the late 70s - early 80s, for new squad automatic weapons,
and the rest, as they say, is history.
The difference between the M249 and Minimi are not just down to
the change in name and location of manufacture, as they have
slightly different configurations, more so with regards to the
M249 variants.
Fresh, 2020 production from the G&P factory is this - the
new M249 Ranger.
Made from a full-metal construction, it gives this gun a real heft
that makes it feel exactly like the real-deal, even the included
fake metal bullets, which cover up the connector wire from the
mag to the receiver, look and feels real!
Even down to the Fabrique National de Herstal trademarks on
the side of the receiver, which makes this G&P M249 not only
feel real, but look real too.
It features RIS rails on the main receiver to allow fitment of a
scope or sight, as well as as RIS rails on the hand guard, on
each side and the underside.
This M249 comes fitted with an extendable stock that, the length
of the gun from tip-to-tip goes from 910mm with the stock retracted
to 1040mm with the stock fully extended.
Inner barrel length is 509mm.
The weight tops at around 7600gr. . 
The auto-winding magazine holds a capacious 3000bb ammo,
as well as having a storage place for a large 8.4v or 9.6v battery,
or simila Li-Po max 7.4v.

The wire connection is neatly tucked away under a metal flap and
covered by the metal dummy bullets.
The remote-wire activated magazine feeds the M4 v.2 gearbox
and the AUG motor.
This is a very tasty little package from G&P, which will surely prove
to be as much of a hit with collectors as well as those who like a
little authenticity in their Airsoft battles.
This DX version has been updated with some steel parts to
reinforce it.
Parts include:
body, cocking handle, gearbox and gears, as well as CNC processed
trigger box.

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