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M712 Broomhandle Silver Short Barrell Full Auto Two Magazines GBB by Marushin 
M712 Broomhandle Silver Short Barrell Full Auto Two Magazines GBB by Marushin
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1:1 Ratiof Fully licensed product from Mauser and its fit and
finish is top-notch!
Engraved "WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER" Markings.

The M712 is the select fire version of the Mauser C96 pistol and
is one of the most iconic pistols not only of its time but well after.
The M712 has not only been a pistol used across the world in
many conflicts but it also had cultural significance.
From movies, TV shows, to video games, the M712 is easily
recognizable and stands out, and is incredibly eye-catching.
The Marushin M712 is a fully licensed product from Mauser and
its fit and finish are top-notch.
The pistol is incredibly lifelike and imitates the real steel version
in every way.
The operation of the pistol is realistic and will easily be
appreciated by collectors and players alike.
Being a select fire airsoft machine pistol, this pistol can be
fired in both semi and fully automatic with a high rate of
fire in full auto, very similar to the real thing except for the fact
that this is airsoft and unlike the real gun, this airsoft pistol is
still quite controllable during fully automatic fire.
This pistol does come with 1 short magazine that carries 9bb
and a long magazine that carries 25bb.
This is done so because holsters made for the M712 or C96
usually will not work with the long magazine, as the short
magazine sits flush in the mag well, but given the fully
auto-capable nature of this airsoft pistol, you would quickly
have to reload to the longer magazine quite soon once you
have drawn the gun.
Internally, the pistol features an adjustable hop-up.
Ideally, it functions with 134a duster gas due to its plastic
build nature, if you were to use green gas, you do get a
boost in performance and FPS but it will also increase the
wear and tear of this airsoft pistol. 
Highly Realistic Construction.
Semi / Full Auto with a High Rate of Fire
Satisfying Recoil Impulse.
Ideal for Collectors.
Adjustable Hop-Up.
Brushed Silver Finish.
Comes with 2 Metal Constructed Magazines.
Magazines Compatible Only with Marushin M712 Magazines.
Inner barrel: 85mm.
Lenght: 290mm.
Weight: 1370gr.
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