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Magazine Pouch Inner Warmer by Laylax - Satellite

Magazine Pouch Inner Warmer by Laylax - Satellite
29,00 €


Just put in the Magazine pouch, and you can get Magazine
multi type, warmer!
Compatible with magazines from Hand Gun to
Can be used based on your idea!
USB mobile battery is available! but attention:
only Thermal Insulation.

USB conector included
Put this item into the magazine pouch and make it
Magazine Warmer.
Then number of the shot bullet can be increased even in the
low temperature condition!
The 8.4V Mini Battery for AEG can be used as power supply.
Further, compatible with USB mobile battery but only use for
thermal insulation.
Can be used with current magazine pouch, so not need to
change your accessory style.
Finalmente risolto l' atavico "problema" dei caricatori a gas e/o
Co2 che si ghiacciano...
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