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MANCRAFT 8mm. V2 CNC GearBox QSC Quick Spring Change by MANCRAFT

MANCRAFT 8mm. V2 CNC GearBox QSC Quick Spring Change by MANCRAFT
115,00 €


Designed and manufactured by Mancraft, this V2-type gearbox shell represents one of the highest-quality gearboxes available on the market.
The shell is precisely CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and is factory-prepared to accept 8mm bearings. The component is anodized red to secure it from scratches and external damage.
Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with the QSC system and QSC spring guide for a fast and easy swap.
First-rate materials used in the production process guarantee high durability and reliability of the internal mechanism.
Equiped with Anti Reversal Latch Release Hole for better rifle maintenance.
Instead of standard alloy threads for handgrip, the gearbox is equipped with stainless steel inserts.
For correct Angle of Engagement we added up long hole at left side of gearbox shell.
For side to side gearbox alignment in body, you can use two front screws.
To make gearbox most durable, we added up material at the front end where gearbox is most sensitive to cracks.
For gear setup, you can use spot holes for every gear. 
In addition to make assembly easier, the gearbox is provided with Quick Change Spring Guides.
In set you can also find washers for pistol grip.
They will allow you to adjust distance between pistol grip and gearbox shell in the way that pistol grip will not
touch lower receiver.
This allows to precisely adjust AEG motor & make it sound nice and lower wear on the gears.
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