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Military Soap 3in1 50ml by Military Soap 
Military Soap 3in1 50ml by Military Soap
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Soap dedicated especially to shooters and all professionals working with heavy metals. 
Shooters and shooting range employees are in a high-risk group (high risk of lead-poisoning).
It is worth noting that the heavy metals, even in small quantities, pose a serious threat to human health.
The absorption effects aren’t immediate, but occur years after receiving even the trace amounts of the heavy metals.
Military Soap efficiently removes heavy metals from your skin and hair protecting your health.
Thanks to its innovative and advanced formula, the detergent efficiently cleans the surfaces of harmful particles - lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, zinc, nickel, and copper. It is also an excellent cleaner for typical, everyday dirt. Additionally - the product's composition is supplemented with moisturizing additives that furtherly protect the skin
from drying, keeping it smooth and sleek. The soap is dedicated to shooters, range staff, and industry personnel working with heavy metals.
Several studies conducted at in- and outdoor shooting ranges indicate that dispersed metal particles originating
from bullet disintegration may cause serious health issues. This may affect shooters, instructors, staff workers,
and visitors at shooting ranges.
As copper, chromium, lead, and brass are frequently used in ammunition manufacturing, they are also toxic, even
in small quantities. The heavy metals accumulated in the human body - especially in the bones, kidneys, brain,
and liver- may further lead to metal poisoning.
The absorption effects are not immediate; they occur years after exposure to toxic elements.
The poisoning may lead to impaired and reduced concentration, sleep disorders, and in extreme situations - mental illnesses. Moreover - the metal buildup may also induce bone decalcification, infertility, major adverse cardiovascular events, fetal damage, and tumor development.
Military Soap effectively removes heavy metal particles from both skin and hair, protecting your health.
The product is dermatologically tested.
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