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Novritsch SSP1 Hi-Capa Custom Co2 Pistol by Novritsch 
Novritsch SSP1 Hi-Capa Custom Co2 Pistol by Novritsch
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The NOVRITSCH SSP1 is a preupgraded Gas Blow Back Pistol
which can be operated with both CO2 (1J / 330 fps) and
Gas (0.8J / 310fps).
It is an out of the box solution and doesn’t need any further
modification or tuning.  It is built to last and it will not let you down
when you need it.
The CNC finished aluminum slide comes with serrations,
for easy gun manipulation. Drilled fluted grooves on the CNC
machined aluminum outer barrel give the SSP1 the
indistinguishable NOVRITSCH look. It is threaded and can be
equipped with a thread adapter for mounting tracer units or
suppressors. Every SSP1 comes with an individual serial
number laser engraved into the CNC finished metal frame.
Due to the extended slidecatch, speed reloads are much easier
to perform.  The rough texture of the polymer grip feels great in
your hands and makes sure that you are in control of your
sidearm even with gloves on.
Both the adjustable front sight and the rear sight have white
marks for fast target acquisition. With the ambidextrous safety,
the SSP1 can be used by both left and right-handed shooters.
Additionally, the functional grip safety makes sure that the
SSP1 can only be fired when held properly.
To maximize the lifetime of the SSP-1, its hammer and sears
are made of hardened steel for enhanced durability and
The high pressure of a CO2 cartridge puts a lot of stress onto
the nozzle of any gas blowback pistol. That's why the nozzle
of the SSP1 is made of a highly durable polymer that can
withstand these forces with ease.
The 31 rounds Marui compatible magazines come with a beefy
rubber lip seal for improved gas efficiency.
The high pressure of the CO2 magazine results in 1 Joule
muzzle energy, lets the SSP1 perform very reliable even at
cold temperatures. 
The Gas magazine provides 0.8 Joules with Nuprol Red Gas.
The smaller fps are great for smaller minimal engagement
distances at CQB areas.
The purple hopup rubber of the SSP1 is made of a soft silicone
which leads to a consistent performance barely dependent on
the rubbers temperature. This in combination with the precise
manufactured inner barrel makes for great accuracy.
The adjustable metal hopup chamber is equipped with a
guidebolt that stabilizes the spring guide for a smooth
cycling slide.
The SSP1 comes in a foam padded hardshell guncase with two
locking points. Included additionally to the pistol is, in this case,
a Co2 magazine.

Caricatore da 31bb.
Peso: 1020gr.
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