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Novritsch Vsr10 G-Spec M140 - M150 - M170 - M200 Tuning Upgrade Kit by Novritsch Airsoft Upgrades 
Novritsch Vsr10 G-Spec M140 - M150 - M170 - M200 Tuning Upgrade Kit by Novritsch Airsoft Upgrades
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Tuningkit installed in an old VSR-10 G-Spec in 2010.
8 years ago and it shot about 60.000 bbs through the barrel.
It has never failed or disappointed us so far.
The parts are handcrafted, tested and shipped from South East
Asia to every country around the world in 2 weeks.
The tech team knows what they are doing, putting in a lot of
research and effort into the Tuningkits to provide the best quality
spring sniper upgrade kits available on the airsoft market.
The Tuningkit includes everything required to achieve the same
power and accuracy you see from the video.
6.01x 303mm  Precision Barrel, Cylinder, Cylinder Head,
7mm Sprin
g Guide,
High Pressure Piston, Trigger Sear, Piston Sear, Spring Guide
Stopper, Leakstopper Ring.
Upgrading an airsoft sniper rifle can be difficult
By purchasing this Tuning Kit you are upgrading your replica
to the highest possible performance level in airsoft.
High Pressure Piston:
The polyurethane seal cap is an industrial standard for high
pressure systems. It provides better seal than standard
O-rings and is oil and acid resistant. The Piston also comes
with a teflon glide ring for extra smooth piston travel.
To keep the Piston leightweight the shaft is made from anodized
alloy. The base, where all the force of the sears is applied, is
out of stainless steel. This material combination makes the
piston durable but still lightweight.
The springs are made from Silicon Chrome Steel. This material
allows light compression but fast return. The springs also get
compressed for a week before they get shipped, to provide the
best fps consistency possible.
The Springguide is highly polished to reduce the friction between
the Springguide and the spring. It has an extended length for
maximum guide. The base perfectly fits into the High Pressure
Piston, this prevents the system from slamfiring.
Unlike other brands springguides this one is made from one solid
piece of stainless steel.
The Cylinder’s outer surface is highly polished to reduce friction
while compressing the spring. The inner surface is polished to a
mirror finish which supports the seal of the High Pressure Piston.
It also reduces the friction of the Piston travel.
The back of the Cylinder is threaded into the stainless steel shaft
and secured with 3 pins. This makes the Cylinder extremely
Cylinder head:
The double O-rings provide a perfect seal, even at the high air
pressure produced by the 650 fps spring. The lengh of the
polished stainless steel nozzle is optimized for constant
bb backspin.
6.01 Precision Barrel:
This barrel is the most unique part of the Tuningkit. It gets
polished by hand for several hours to achieve this kind of
perfection. A real mirror finish reduces the friction between
bb and barrel to a level that the velocity of the airsoft bb gets
boosted up to 20 fps. (The gained fps are already included
in the spring selection) Unlike any other precision barrel on
the Airsoft market, it gets straightened in a complex process
and checked with a sensitive measurement device to ensure
that the barrel is perfectly straight.The material used is a
durable and oxidation resistant High Speed Brass.
The outer diameter is extended to 9,6mm to reduce the
vibrations created by the release of the Piston.
The barrel has an excact inner diameter of 6.01 mm and at the
last few centimeters it widens up to 6.02 to improve the accuracy
performance of this barrel even more.
The Hopup window is optimized for R-Hop installation and
standard hopup design. This 6.01 precision barrel brings
accuracy in Airsoft to a whole new level and is the major reason
for the laser shots you’ve seen in my video
Leakstopper Ring:
The Leakstopper Ring will boost up your rifle to +20 fps.
With this thin stainless steel ring installed you will have a perfect
seal between the hopup bucking and the Precision Barrel.
The gained 20 fps are already added to the fps in the
spring selection.
Spring Guide Stopper:
The Spring Guide Stopper has an extended lenght to prevent
the Spring Guide from jamming. Its made of temepered 4403
tool steel.
With its extreme hardness, it can easily handle spring up to 
800 fps.

The sears are milled out of one solid piece of tempered 4403
tool steel.
The Trigger Sear is redesigned to handle even greater forces.
The Piston Sears comes with an unique 60° angle which makes
for a very smooth and light trigger pull.
Replica and optic are of course, NOT included,
Replica ed ottica in foto NON sono ovviamente comprese.
Please select the desired spring.
Si prega di selezionare la molla desiderata.

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