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OFFERTA: Action Army A10-003 R-35000rpm Infinity Motor Long Type by Action Army 
OFFERTA: Action Army A10-003 R-35000rpm Infinity Motor Long Type by Action Army
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Action Army motors due to numerous recommendations from 
customers and technicians. 
This motor is composed of high quality components that 
undergo strict quality control.
The Pinion Gear is fully CNC machined. It is TM-spec and 
meshes well with most bevel gears. So far, there have been 
no reports of the pinion gear deforming or breaking. 
The Pinion Gear is smooth and shows no machining marks 
that could possibly form a weak point.
The Silicon steel armature is also fully CNC machined, and 
some users have noted that the armature itself is wound and 
balanced to a higher standard than other Taiwan 
manufactured armatures.
The Motor Can is precision built and has ventilation holes at 
the top. The Motor Brushes are silver plated and enlarged for 
best contact with the armature.Tthis motor uses high grade 
ball bearings for the armature. This reduces friction and allows 
the motor to operate more smoothly. In testing, it was shown 
that the AAC motors glide more smoothly than SHS. This can
be tested by handling a Long-Type motor and holding the 
motor tower while spinning the motor base.
AAC motors are known for running cool under load.
Initial testing showed that AAC motors run cooler than other
brands in the same gearbox. Part of this is due to superior
armature quality and AAC's commitment to quality control.
These motors have a high top speed and are best paired with 
standard ratio or high ratio gears. Using a high voltage battery
in conjunction with high speed (low torque) gears will yield a 
very high ROF, and will only get faster with a lower TPA. 
Proper gearbox timing is of heightened importance when 
running a faster gearbox.
35,000 RPM on 8.4v.
Full length: bottom of endbell to top of pinion 88.2mm.
CNC Machined Stainless Steel Armature.
CNC Machined Pinion Gear.
Precision motor can w/ plastic endbell.
Ball bearings.
N38 Neodymium Magnets.
Enlarged silver-plated brushes.
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