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OFFERTA: MG42 Type GMG42 Li-Po Ready TGM-SUP-G42-BNB-NCM by G&G 
OFFERTA: MG42 Type GMG42 Li-Po Ready TGM-SUP-G42-BNB-NCM by G&G
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The MG42 is a 7.92×57mm Mauser general purpose machine
gun designed in Germany and used extensively during the
second half of World War II. It was intended to replace the
earlier MG 34, which was more expensive and took much longer
to produce, but in the event, both weapons were produced until
the end of the war.
It comes in a rugged box that you'd think wouldn't fit the GMG42,
because it comes in 6 pieces which needs to be put together like
Lego. Installation is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes.
There's the main body, the stock, magazine, the belt, bullets and
the bipod. As you can see from these photos, the gun simply looks
stunning. A lot of effort was put into making sure the external
finishing of the gun was as realistic as possible. 
The GMG42 has a custom gearbox especially designed for it and
can easily be removed from the receiver making maintenance and
the ability to upgrade as easily as possible. The autowinding drum
magazine is powered by its own battery ,and can be wound by
pressing the button on the top of the magazine. Spare drum
magazines will be sold separately. The barrel is made out of steel
and can be removed for easy maintenance.
The GMG42 can hold it's own in terms of picking out targets but
really - for a suppression weapon, accuracy is not your main
concern! You point at a certain direction towards your enemies
and it'll mow them down with a hose of BBs. This is as close to
real steel as it gets although it runs on electricity. You won't find
another GMG42 that imitates the Real Steel as much as this boy
does. WW2 fans, this is what you're looking for!
Incredible Realism.
Accurately Detailed.
Superior Weight, Size, Quality & Texture.
Wooden Stock & Grip.
Real Steel Construction.
Removable Folding Bipod.
Charging Handle.
Adjustable Rear & Anti-Aircraft Sight.
Quick swapping outer barrel, just like the real thing!
Full-Auto Only.
ETU: Electronic Trigger Unit.
Ingranaggi d' acciaio di serie su boccole da 10mm.

Motorino ad albero corto. 25000RPM.
Caricatore autoalimentato da 1700bb.
Inner barel: 490x6,04mm.
Lunghezza:  1230mm.
Peso: 10500gr.
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