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P-67P NATO Pyroft Class P1 EN 16263 - 3 Realistic Airsoft Hand Grenade by Pyrosoft 
P-67P NATO Pyroft Class P1 EN 16263 - 3 Realistic Airsoft Hand Grenade by Pyrosoft
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This training airsoft grenade is manufactured according to the specific requirements of NATO armies for training,
it has a real weight of 400gr!
Realistic Experience:
It is designed to provide an authentic airsoft experience with impressive visual and sound impact.
Safety First:
With an active lever safety and strict compliance with the P1 standard (EN 16263-3), it offers the highest
safety standards.
Versatile Use:
Ideal for various airsoft scenarios and gaming situations, highlighting your tactical skills.
Suitable for real military training in grenade handling and throwing.
Do not fear unfavorable weather. 
IP66 waterproof standard means the grenade can withstand rain and short-term immersion in water. 
The airsoft battle has never been so authentic than with the PYROSOFT P-67M NATO hand grenade.
This hand grenade is designed for military sports games such as airsoft, speedsoft, and paintball, as well
as military reenactments.
It also serves for safely acquiring skills in handling a hand grenade, thanks to the realistically functioning
hand lever safety!
The grenade has IP66 water resistance, making it resistant to rain and short-term immersion in water.
It also complies with Pyrotechnic Class P1 (EN 16263 - 3), meaning it is for sale only to individuals
18 years and older.
Pyrosoft offers the following variants of filling:
M - grenade filled with chalk/powder (acoustic, powder simulates explosion smoke)
G - grenade filled with peas and paraffin/wax (peas physically hit the opponent)
P - training grenade filled with metallic powder (acoustic, mimics the weight and standards of a real grenade)
Use only in specially marked areas, areas without the risk of ignition, or fields where airsoft pyrotechnics
are allowed. Always follow safety instructions and wear protective gear (goggles, gloves).
Safety Instructions: 
Take the grenade in your hand so that the fingers press the lever to the body.
With the index finger of your hand, reach into the pull ring and pull the ring.
The grenade can remain in your hand for as long as you want, as long as the lever is not released.
After selecting the target and appropriate timing, throw the grenade at the target.
Never hold an unsecured grenade with the lever safety in your hand!
At this point, the lever, under the influence of the striker spring, returns, releases the striker, and flies off
with a characteristic cracking sound, and after 4 - 5 seconds, an explosion occurs.
Basic Information:
Body Material: ABS Plastic
Filling: Model M - White Chalk Powder
Delay After Activation: 3.0-5.0 seconds
Safety Features: Lever Safety
Weight: 400 grams (+/- 10%)
Pyrotechnic Class: P1 (EN 16263-3)
Weight of Pyrotechnic Mixture NEC: Not more than 1.1 grams
Dangerous Acoustic Radiation: No more than 125dB
Radius of Danger Zone: 15 meters
Waterproof: IP66 (Resistant to rain and short-term immersion in water)
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