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HPA Polarstar HK417 - G28 UGS Universal Gas Stock  HPA + R3 Buttstock by Polarstar 
HPA Polarstar HK417 - G28 UGS Universal Gas Stock HPA + R3 Buttstock by Polarstar
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With the PolarStar UGS™ Universal Gas Stock you can now
get the performance advantage of a HPA system without
needing to be tethered to a remote air rig and still retain the
likeness and function of a traditional adjustable stock.
The UGS™ for the HK417 follows the same internal design as
the standard UGS™ for M4/M16 series rifles but features a
wider regulator body to interface with the larger diameter of the
HK417 and G28 receiver extension.
It can be used with any of the PolarStar cylinder conversion kits
which are compatible with the VFC HK417 or G28 series such
as the F2™, F1™ or JACK™ and is compact enough that it can
also be used with other similar HPA cylinder systems. 
Its integral regulator shares the same internal design as
PolarStar's other compact regulators and delivers performance
on par with systems twice its size.
This regulator has an output pressure range of 40-130psi which
is easily adjusted using a 3/32 allen key but can be locked out
using a standard chrono zip tie which blocks the adjustment screw.
Additionally, if you want to get a little more "omph" out of the
regulator, you can install the High Pressure Spring, p/n 10000692
which boots the maximum output pressure to approximately 200psi.
The HPA (2.000") configuration is designed to accept 13ci HPA
tanks and 2.000" diameter buttstocks such as the included G&P
R3 Buttstock.
The UGS is installed into the VFC HK417 - G28 in the same
manner as the original buffer tube by threading into the receiver.
It does however come with the "Type 2" output cap which
features the threaded shaft and barb fitting typically used with
traditional TM spec receivers.
It was found that this configuration worked best due to the longer
receiver of the HK417 - G28 and the Type 2 output cap offering
more support for the air line which bridging the distance between
the HPA engine and the regulator.
Compatible with the VFC HK417 and G28 series rifles.
The UGdaS regulator can accept up to 900psi allowing for the use of 
either stanrd output HPA tanks as well as SLP, recommended.
Compatible with all standard 2.000" diameter tanks and most
2.000" tank stocks used in paintball applications.
Milspec configuration includes your choice of 12g or
33g CO2 inserts.
Simple zip-tie lockout/tournament lock.
Adjustable length of pull.
Same internal design as the other compact PolarStar regulators
(Micro Reg GEN2, CGS) with cross compatibility between parts.
The UGS™ regulator uses only 2 o-rings, promoting reliability
and ease of maintenance.
Not compatible with Fusion Engine™.
HPA Tank, Castle Nut, CO2 Cartridges & HP Spring,Rifle as
in photo are Not Included.
Min Output Pressure: 40 PSI
Max Output Pressure: 130 PSI  ~200 PSI with HP Spring,
                                     p/n 10000692
Max Input Pressure: 900 PSI
Outputs: Interfaces w/ Airline (6mm OD x 4mm ID)
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