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Titan Power Battery Lithium Ion 7,4v. 7000mAh Can be used with Lipo Charger Stick Deans 
Titan Power Battery Lithium Ion 7,4v. 7000mAh Can be used with Lipo Charger Stick Deans
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Voltage: 7,4v.
Capacity: 7000mAh.
Connector: Tamiya.
Style: Nunchuck.
C Rating: 10C = 3500mAh 20C a common
airsoft lipo variant.
Size: 19.5mm. (0.77in) thick,
197mm. (7.76in) long.
No Puff:
Titan Power batteries will never puff and
become unsafe like 
lipos will that have
been either neglected or simply aged 
over time. 
No Memory:
Titan Power batteries can be charged from
empty or nearly full 
without damaging the battery.
Even if your battery gets low and 
your device
cannot cycle, the battery is still within is safe 
operating range and can be charged safely
back to 100%.
2x-5x the Capacity:
Titan Power batteries can store on average
2-5 times the energy 
of other airsoft batteries,
keeping you in the game longer. 
No Fade / Lasts Forever:
Titan Power batteries can hold a charge for
months and still be 
ready to use on game day.
An extreme example is a pack used for
testing, charged in 2013, 
which still holds 88%
of its life in 2019. 
These packs can also be charged over 300
times and still store 
80% of its original capacity. 
Product claims sound too good to be true? 
Titan Power backs their US Arkansas based
products with a 1 
year warranty as long as
the battery pack has not been modified. 
Can be used with Lipo charger! 
Titan was started in 2015 to bring the
most advanced Lithium Ion 
batteries and other
power technologies to the world of commercial 
and hobby remote controlled aircraft and UAVs,
and many other 
applications of high energy
density cells. 
Titan Power’s Airsoft division formed in January
of 2018 to provide
a better alternative to airsoft
nimh and lipo batteries. 
The staff play every weekend, and understand
that players need a 
durable and quality form of
power to keep them on the field, 
all the time. 
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