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H&K 416 A5 Type H416 A5 Li-Po & Li-Fe Ready RAL8000 SA-H11 ONE by Specna Arms 
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H&K 416 A5 Type H416 A5 Li-Po & Li-Fe Ready RAL8000 SA-H11 ONE by Specna Arms
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SA-H11 assault rifle replica by Specna Arms is made largely from
a uniform zinc and aluminium alloy, reinforced with steel elements
in the most vulnerable points of the replica, steel elements - all the
screws, pins and tactical sling swivels.
Both the stock storing the battery and the pistol grip were made
from polymer.
The receiver of the replica and RIS handguard have undergone the
process of anodizing, which guarantees high degree of protection
against corrosion.
The paint was applied via a process of powder coating, after
having the surface undergo the same process prior to the
application of paint.
This provides a much higher than usual resistance of the applied
paint to abrasion.
The receiver bears manufacturer markings.
The replica is also perfectly balanced.
Features a quick spring release system, so-called Enter & Convert.
Due to that system it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the
power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field
without the necessity to have access to a workshop or a set of
special tools - once the gearbox has been taken out of the replica’s
body, the process of spring change lasts literally seconds.
Fully compatible with Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries.
Reinforced gear box on the height of the cylinder’s head hides a
steel main spring guide which is the element of the Enter & Convert
system and also 8mm ball bearings and steel thread-wheels which
are placed on spacers.
The system is secured with the use of four anti-reversals.
There is a type 2 cylinder and the steel breaker.
Replica is factory-fitted with and accurate, rotary type polymer
Hop-Up unit that allows very precise and stable regulation of
bb overclocking.
Equipped with a 22mm top RIS rail, RIS handguard and an
adjustable stock.
The top RIS rail features metal flip-up iron sights, which can
be freely detached in order to make room for the attachment of
a chosen optoelectronic aiming device.
Due to the extendable stock with an anti-slip stock pad it is
possible to adapt the replica’s length to the body type and
preferences of the user.
Standard flash hider is based on 14mm left-hand thread, which
allows the attachment of a silencer in its place.
The set includes an adapter that extends the barrel and
features the same thread as the flash hider.
In order to enhance the realism of the game, the replica also
features an ambidextrous, operational bolt-catch mechanism,
as well as
ambidextrous fire selector and magazine release button .
Lunghezza: 715/800mm.
Peso: 3000gr.
According to report number HKGEC1600157401,
the product meets the requirements of European Union RoHS 
Restriction of Hazardous Substances 2011/65/EU directive
annex II as well as 2002/95/EC amending directive 
that concerns the limitation of dangerous substances in
Colorazione: Bronze - RAL8000
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