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Umarex Winchester M1894 Renegade "Duke" Lever Action Co2 Airsoft 6mm. Legends Rifle by Umarex 
Umarex Winchester M1894 Renegade "Duke" Lever Action Co2 Airsoft 6mm. Legends Rifle by Umarex
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There’s a new cowboy gun in Umarex’s stable, and this time it is a bit of a renegade. Umarex have produced a variety of versions over the years, ranging from original 8-shot circular magazine, 12g and 88g models, in various finishes from the brass Wells Fargo, to the newer Legends range, with the adoption of using shells for a more realistic shooting experience – all in keeping with the traditional look. So, why is the Renegade a renegade? Well, the trusty ol’ lever-action rifle has been modernised to fit into the 21st century. 
The Renegade comes in a standard-style cardboard box adorned with the Legends logo, and it contains the rifle, two manuals and 10 shells. The rifle has an all-black finish with synthetic furniture, and initially, the rear stock felt a bit hollow and pliable, whereas the front handguard was sturdier.
One of the new features that stood out in the box was the oversized lever. This is just the same as the ‘Duke’ version, which helps if you are wearing gloves – handy in the coming winter months, but Umarex have wrapped black Paracord around the bottom portion on the Renegade a really nice touch. A Paracord sling would complement it very well indeed, and the Renegade already has the swivel ring on the side of the receiver, and a stud on the handguard for immediate fitment.  
On top of the stock, just behind the hammer, there is a manual safety catch, push up for ‘Safe’, pull down for ‘Fire’. To activate the lever, the safety must be set to ‘Fire’ so that you can open it all the way. The travel of the lever seems to extend quite a bit more forward compared to my 8-shot, rotary magazine, lever-action rifle, although that may be due to the differences needed to cycling a circular magazine and inserting a shell into the breech of the Renegade. With the breech open, you can see all of the inside, and whether or not the breech is empty and clear of any obstructions.
The trigger is single-action and you can de-cock it whilst holding the hammer, pressing the trigger and controlling the hammer forward, then you can re-cock it by pulling back the hammer, if you so desire. Just be mindful of shells being in the breech and loading tube – always follow your NSPs.
The Renegade doesn’t come with any open sights, but it has a long Picatinny rail for your preferred type of optic. Definitely modern-day style where nearly every airgun now needs some sort of visual aid, even a Cowboy rifle.
Once a knurled muzzle cap is removed from the end of the barrel, a ½ UNF silencer can be added. This does come in handy if you are shooting in your garden range, and it suits the modern look that the Renegade is portraying. 
Going back to the rear stock; this is where you insert the two 12g Co2 capsules. You’ll need to use a coin to turn the backplate lock, release it, and then use the hex key attached to the backplate to undo the captive nut. You then insert the Co2 with ‘neck up & neck down’ – the manual shows you how – simple. The hex key is attached to the backplate, so this saves you either losing it, or rummaging to find it.
Includes 10 Cartridges for one bb each compatible with Umarex Peacemaker Bb Cartridges.
Lenght: 990mm.
Wieght: 2835gr.
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