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Vsr10 CNC Adjustable Weight 90° Short Piston by KPP 
Vsr10 CNC Adjustable Weight 90° Short Piston by KPP
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Kpp Airsoft Multi Mass Piston, where you can configure the weight
of the piston by replacing or eliminating the rings that come
with it!
With sealing made by the traditional Kpp Airsoft Gasket,
aluminum body, 02 polyacetal rings to minimize friction with the
cylinder and the possibility of changing its mass depending on
the weight of the BB, barrel length and cylinder length!
This Piston is the most advanced you could equip your
Sniper with.
Have the best technology employed in your equipment. 
Variable mass system, depending on the length of the barrel,
the volume of the cylinder and the weight of the BBs, you get
a better performance by adding weight to your piston...
Reducing Fps when cranked with 0.20, however, gaining
Fps when used with heavy weight BBs. 
Sealing - Gasket.
Cushioning - Gasket.
Head - Aluminum.
Anel - Polyacetal.
Body - Aluminum.
Base 90º - Stainless steel.
What comes with this Piston:
1 Multi Mass Kpp Airsoft piston.
3 Aluminum Rings.
3 Steel Rings.
Weight Settings:
Piston without added weight: 45 grams.
3 x Aluminum: 48 grams.
2 x Aluminum + 1x Steel: 51 grams.
1 x Aluminum + 2x Steel: 54 grams.
3 x Steel: 57 grams.
The assembly of this item follows the same script in most Snipers. After removing the cylinder from the Sniper, release the cylinder head (be careful, the spring must be tensioned), remove the piston, spring and Spring Guide. Replace desired parts and reinstall. We recommend using a Kpp Airsoft Thread Seal on the cylinder head, if this is not available, we recommend using a common thread sealer (Teflon tape) to seal completely (the oring often has air leaks). When assembling the cylinder, never forget to test for leaks.
Difficulty: 4/10
1   - Easy, the player can assemble it himself.
10 - Difficult, We recommend a gunsmith with experience to assemble.
We do not cover guarantees for parts assembled by people who
do not have the technical knowledge to do so, or even for airsofts
that are not compatible with the parts in question.
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