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Brushless Xpert Long Motor Motorino Albero Lungo by Xpert 
Brushless Xpert Long Motor Motorino Albero Lungo by Xpert
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Technologies used in model building can now be applied
in Airsoft.
This is the first, serial, brushless, electric motor dedicated
for AEG!
Xpert motor is an excellent proposal for players looking for
the best, most advanced solutions for their replicas. 
Thanks to the implementation of several advanced solutions,
the power efficiency is increased by 40% in comparison to
brush motors at the same voltage and allows to save up to
14% of the energy coming from the battery.
The integrated MOSFET module allows for controlling the
entire unit, prevents overheating and damage.
Aside from that, it can be programmed to fire in burst mode:

The motor, due to its construction, is very quiet. 
Xpert motor is 15-20% faster than standard brush motors.
It allows to achieve a 30-40% faster trigger reaction.
In the case of malfunction, it informs the User about it using a
sound signal and also automatically cut off the electric current,
preventing further damage.
Compatible with Li-Po 7.4V and 11.1V batteries.
The set includes also a programmer connected to a display
informing about the battery charge level, which allows for an
even better control over the entire unit.
The use of brushless motor allows for an advanced ROF or
power tuning of the replica.
The long motor is compatible with normal size pistol grips,
like M16-M4, MP5, G3,  and also P90 series..
The motor operates in temperatures from -10 to +60 degrees Celsius. 
Brushless HighTech Motor.
15-20% faster than conventional brush motors.
Integrated Mosfet. 
30-40% faster response to normal motors.
Quickly pulls stronger springs, without TorqueUp Gears. 
Consumes 10 - 14% less electricity than conventional motors with
the same spring strength. 
Integrated Li-Po battery monitoring.
Programmable burst mode 2-5 shot, only for models with
Full Auto mode.
Burst / Full Auto Delay programmable, only Full Auto Mode.
Integrated temperature monitoring.
Acoustic playback in case of errors.
In order to avoid severe damage to the internals, the motor
switches off automatically as soon as the resistance becomes
too low or too high. 
Current battery voltage is displayed, programming box.
Very silent and low temperature development-
Suitable for all common Airsoft weapons with a long-type motor.
Programming cable may be added e.g. into the buffer chamber,
motor plate may have to be slightly reworked. 
Programming box included. 
Attention: soldering is required for installation! 
Dimensions: 24x28mm, suitable for all normal pistol grips.
The kit includes:
Programmer cable.
Power cable.
User’s manual.
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