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Novritsch SSG24 Full Thrust Kit by Novritsch 
Novritsch SSG24 Full Thrust Kit by Novritsch
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SSG24 Barrel Lenght:
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installed in your SSG24 you can use 6.44mm
0.58g Bio BBs.
The bigger diameter and the heavier weight
results in more range, better accuracy, and
stability in wind.
You will get all these advantages while causing
less injuries due to the bigger impact surface.
The 0.58g BBs are biodegradable which makes
them ideal for outdoor games.
The installation is easy, follow the included
video installation guide, and your rifle will be
ready in a matter of minutes.

Less Air Resistance
Air resistance increases exponentially with the
projectile's speed.
The heavier 0.58g BB leaves your muzzle with
the same energy, but slower, which leads to
less air resistance.
This is why it keeps speed and the kinetic
energy much longer which leads to a drastic
increase in effective range.

Consistent Magnus Effect (Hop-up effect).
The higher mass of the 0.58g BBs in
combination with the bigger diameter makes
for a long-lasting backspin.
Since the mass is further away from the center
than on a 6mm BB, the spin can be kept for
longer which leads to a flat and long-ranging
hopup effect. 
As a result of the larger 6.44 diameter, vertical
accuracy is improved due to a more
consistent force of the Magnus hop-up effect.
The hop-up bucking has more time and surface
to grab the BB and spin it consistently every
time you fire a shot.

Inertia Advantage.
The heavier a moving object is, the harder it is
to get it off its direction of travel.
The 27% weight increase of the FULL THRUST
BBs makes for 27% more inertia.
Due to the high inertia (due to heavier and
bigger bb), the 0.58g 6.44mm FULL THRUST
BB will keep its direction towards the target more
stable even with air turbulence trying to get it off
its path.
This means that the 0.58g BBs are much less
affected by the wind which enables you to hit
your targets consistently at windy outdoor games.

Less Injuries.
The higher surface of the 6.44mm diameter
spreads the force of the hitting BB over a
bigger area. This results in less injuries. 
To visualize the safety aspect of the FULL
THRUST BBs we used ballistic clay diluted
with water.
Both the 6mm and the 6.44 rifles shot with
similar energy. As you can see, the FULL
THRUST BB could not enter the clay as
deep as the 6mm BB could, due to the bigger
surface area.

Skin Irritation Test.
To test the theory we shot with a 6mm and
a FULL THRUST rifle at bare skin.
Both rifles had 1 joule and were fired from
10 meters at a forearm.
While both hits are far away from a serious
injury the close-up picture shows how the
6mm BB damaged the skin slightly more due
to the smaller impact surface.
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